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A solar Agri Pump functions with the help of energy generated from sunlight .This energy is converted into mechanical power assisted by photovoltaic cells, that are directly attached to an electric motor. The entire system runs without the need of any external source of power other than the energy gathered naturally during daylight hours.

A Solar Agri Pump is a trouble free operation in the entire operating range, surface and submersible (Open well/Tube well) pump. It maximizes Power Generation efficiency of solar modules with the use of advanced MPPT control Technology. It have ISI Mark Controller, Panels & Pumps, High Quality GI Structure.

How It Works?!

Essentially, Solar Agri Pump work by converting the sun's rays (photons) to electricity that will operate the Solar Agri Pump. Solar energy is converted into electricity and fed to a pump that circulates water.

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Solar Agri Pump have auto start and stop as per solar intensity and soft start for the AC/DC induction motor. Also it have reverse polarity protection, dry run protection, undervoltage & over voltage protection, output short circuit protection.